Tuesday, 18 March 2008

April next

Dear Beautiful Africa Readers & Participants!
Sunset in Zinder, Niger by Anette Bengtsson

The 8th edition of the Beautiful Africa Blog Carnival will be posted end April, so there is ample time to assemble all those beautiful posts that highlights all the positive sides of Africa! Should the blog carnival fill up too early, it might be posted earlier, so stay tuned!

You can post your entries here - and if you know of a post that'd make a great submission, don't hesitate to contact any of the editors!

Warm greetings from around the world:
Ishtar in Europe (for two more days), Szavanna (in South Africa) & Loomnie (in Benin)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Beautiful Africa 7th edition

Szavanna started this post but was not able to continue it. As I am just putting together the final touches, I thought it would be nice to let the original text stay!
Hi there - hope you are already enjoying your well-earned December breaks.

This is the last edition for the year - and we hope to continue with new editions next year - please let us know how it went this year.

A big thank you one more time to Ishtar, who started this initiative and is supporting it regularly even tough connectivity is not the best in Niger.
Personal Experiences

The first post is by Ishtar Making friends at the race track posted on IshtarNews - what an interesting day spend at the Zinder race track...

Tim Abbott presents Teddy Landrover posted at Walking the Berkshires, saying, "A tribite to our old landrover, and the extraordinary friendship it allowed us to establish with Namibian bush mechanics."

Tauratinzwe presents Observations of Africa: Mwindaji* -- The Last Hunt posted at Observations of Africa, saying, "I still get an adrenaline flow remembering this experience. There's an epilogue involving a cobra, but that's for another campfire tale."

Alison Sharley presents Hope for Madagascar posted at Green Me, saying, "Hi -- great to find this carnival. My post is both personal experience and that of others doing work in Madagascar. Thanks!"

Culture and Traditions

Ishtar presents Ramadan celebrations in Zinder on Ishtarnews. The post starts saying : "This year, the Ramadan celebrations went by very quietly, due the region being split in three different groups, each choosing a different day of celebrations."

Sights of Africa

GrrlScientist presents Mirror Image posted at Living the Scientific Life, saying, "this animal is almost an icon for Africa itself!"

Sounds of Africa

Afromusing recently wrote about the CD Ngoma Process - The post says : "This is a CD that would fit neatly into the category ‘ World Music’, though i would call it something like Kenyan Ngoma. There is Kapuka, Genge, Bongo, time for the genre Kenya ngoma? The CD has the types of songs that have a cultural thumbprint; it is immediately identifiable to Kenyans."

Arts & Creative Writing

From Fasy's blog, The Other Side of Africa, here is Fatiha - a short story : "She is six years old and loves to listen to stories on the moonlight. Pure and innocent daughter of the Sahel, she loves to play with her friends on evenings and help milk the cows in the morning. Knee high, the only type of life she knows is happy-go-lucky."

Nasra sent us her poem entitled The Islands of the Moon posted at A window within Myself - in her post she also writes about her experiences growing up on the Comoros Islands ...."The first time I had set foot in Comoro Islands, I was a teenager but till now I recall the scene of the road which was constructed on frozen lava. Clearly it was evidence that the island at one time had perhaps tremendous volcanic activities. .... "

That concludes this edition. Thank you for your contributions!

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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Upcoming March edition

Hi all! This is to let you know that the Beautiful Africa Blog Carnival is finally due again on the 20th of March. Submissions can be entered until the 17th of March.

Fazuma of Niger

In the meantime, take care!

Ishtar & the BA team