Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Beautiful Africa 10th edition

We started off June 16, 2007 - with the first edition and since then we have assembled such a great list of posts all telling the stories & happenings on the continent - life is going on and there is a lot to discover even for those that live here - like members of the BA team - I am sure all three of us discovered new things while looking around for interesting stories and reading through submissions.

This edition has stories from Niger, Senegal, Mali, South Africa, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and there is also a "continental playlist" to celebrate our 10th edition - here goes ....

Personal Experiences

Esther presents September highlights from Eden’s field station posted at esthergarvi.com. "I was so happy to come back to Niger and find the country still green. It rained not too long ago, and the greenness may last for a while, even if it won’t rain again for the rest of the season.Although I haven’t been to the field station since my arrival this Tuesday, I thought I’d share some images from Eden’s field station this month."

Axel sent us Traveling And Personal Growth posted at axelg.com. She says : "This post is about hitchhiking through Southern Africa, the experiences, the culture and what I learned in the end... "

Culture and tradition

Ndebeles is a post about the Ndebele people of South Africa posted at Szavanna_blog.

My pick for this section is David's How to build a grass hut posted at Voice in the Desert. "Ever wondered how the Fulani make their lovely domed huts? No? Well, I think I'll tell you anyway" .... click to read step by step building instructions.

Sounds of Africa

Tim Abbott presents Whirl, Dervish, Whirl posted at Walking the Berkshires. " ... and the stuff coming out of Mali from musicians such as Vieux Farka Toure - son of the late, great Ali Farka Toure - and the electrified Touareg jams laid down by Tinariwen makes me want to talk a long, slow boat up the Niger and learn to race camels. Poetry in motion. "

Szavanna ( that's me :) put together Szavanna's Top 10 posted at Szavanna_blog. "The following is a YouTube playlist I put together to celebrate the 10th edition of Beautiful Africa - and it is in no way the top 10 - since I don’t think this is a competition - and would probably end up with an infinite number of songs if I had more time. There is rai, reggae, blues, jazz, tuku music, makosa and much more."

Sights of Africa

Tauratinzwe sent us Fortaleza da Ilha de Moçambique posted at Observations of Africa. This post is a selection of photos - "a closer look at the fort on the Island of Moçambique".

Kari submitted Beautiful Africa posted at peregrinebynature.com- under her photo she adds : "West Africa has a joie de vivre that transcends circumstance. If only I could learn as much. Senegal, you have a beautiful smile.


This is all for our 10th edition, thank you so much once again for your contributions!

Submit your blog article to the next edition of beautiful africa using the carnival submission form. ( If for some reason you don't manage to submit there - contact one of us via our blogs - to make sure we receive your submissions.)

There are lots of stories we have told through the bloggers that have already participated - but this collection is still just a small introduction to all that is happening on the continent - help make this collection more complete by :
  • sending in your own posts
  • or suggesting Africa related posts and blogs that could take part in the carnival
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many greetings to all, happy blogging!

Szavanna & BA Team

Monday, 6 October 2008

Beautiful Africa is ready for its 10th edition!

After a short break, the Beautiful Africa carnival is up and running again, so start collecting those posts again! If you want to help us out, feel free to recommend other Beautiful Africa posts, so that we can make this uplifting carnival come alive - big time! With all the negative publicity going on about Africa's misery and incapabilities, Africa needs a page that shows the other side of the coin: the Beautiful Africa that we all love so much!

Posts can submitted here. You have up until the end of October! :-)

Greetings from Zinder, Niger!