Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Third edition approaches!

Just wanted to let you know that the next edition of Beautiful Africa is due in a week. Time to read through your blog again and look at the posts you've written (in order to see if there is anything amidst all the lines that you've already written that has captured a Beautiful African issue in a positive or constructive way); or, to sit down and write something according to your heart's desire. Will not post site promotions (hotels & rentals), off-topic issues or negative rants however, so if you want to portray a problem, you need to offer some sort of a solution as well... Constructiveness is the key!

You can submit your contribution to the upcoming carnival edition by clicking here.

Greetings from the BA team


felix said...

hope it'll be a success and that the visibility of the project gets an increase in height.all the best and waiting,ciao!

Ishtar said...

Thanks Felix! If you mean the beautiful Africa blog carnival "project", then it seems as if things are going just fine! Thanks for dropping by an saying hi - not every body who visits leaves a comment! :-)