Thursday, 15 November 2007

Beautiful Africa - 6th edition!

Welcome to the November edition of the Beautiful Africa blog carnival!

This month's edition introduces you to some great posts on Niger, Nigeria, South Africa & Namibia. Thanks for all those that submitted posts - looking forward to reading your future submissions in the coming months.

Personal Experiences

We start with a pick from Ishtar's blog called The Baobab forest posted at IshtarNews. Ishtar's intro goes ... " Mirriah is not only known for its market place however; in fact, it is even more known for its huge Baobab forest. These trees were sowed a very long time ago and are of great value to the families that owns them. During the rainy season, they produce the much desired Baobab leaves (that are sold at every market) and during the dry season, they produce the very nutritious and very tasty Baobab fruits."

Tim Abbott presents Namibeb Gure-aogu: The Environmental Shepherds of ≠Khoadi ||Hôas Conservancy posted at Walking the Berkshires, in it read about a "Community Based Natural Reseource Management: empowering those who live on the land to care for the resources on which they and wildlife depend in Namibia"

Sights of Africa

Tauratinzwe presents Observations of Africa: Africa Gallery posted at Observations of Africa. "Stroll through the Africa Gallery and enjoy photos from Eastern and Southern Africa."

Sounds of Africa

Loomnie submitted Asa’s Fire on the Mountain, Jailer and Other Songs posted at "Asa (pronounced asha) is a Nigerian lady who was born in Paris but grew up in Lagos. She later returned to Paris, where, according to her bio, she played with Les Nubians, Manu Dibango, Doctor L, and Tony Allen. Her first album was released on 16 October 2007. Sometimes, her lyrics are unpretentiously didactic, like in Fire on the Mountain and Jailer, but then, even those who don’t like ‘preachy’ songs will find her melody enchanting."

Szavanna presents It has to do with sounds. Natural sounds from far up north. - The music of Moses Molelekwa posted at Szavanna_blog. "Moses is an unbelievably gifted jazz artist from South Africa - he tragically passed away a few years ago. The post goes ... "When I heard Moses’s music for the first time - I thought - wow - and that is all I could think of - when it comes to words - and I was just sitting there listening. The richness and shades of his sounds is amazing and comes so naturally one note after the other."

Arts and Creative Writing

Nasra sent us ~My African Lady~ posted at A window Within Myself. Nasra is a poetess living in Oman - be sure to check her poetry and all the projects she is involved in.

Another Szavanna_blog pick is Meeting the Prince. "The story of how I got to meet and work with this exceptional and talented artist from Nigeria."


A pick from - a post entitled Bryan Habana is Rugby’s player of the year. "Since I am blogging from South Africa - the boks winning the worldcup will remain an unforgettable experience no matter if one is a sports fan or not. I was glued to the TV screen during the final just like most people here - seeing the Springboks hold the cup was a special moment."

The post on Bryan Habana concludes this edition. Remember to submit your blog article to the next edition of beautiful africa using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page

Help us make this a great resource - please contact us if you come across great posts and bloggers that could be possible contributors to this carnival in the future.

Warm greetings and happy blogging,

Szavanna & BA Team

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Anonymous said...

Great work to all of you have put the effort ..thank you for including me in

Anonymous said...

thats me up there

Szavanna said...

Salaam Nasra - thanks for your poem - please write us more - please please :) so that we can add poems to each edition...good idea? greetings to you from SA!

loomnie said...

Szavanna, great work!!!

Szavanna said...

Thanks Lommnie - Happy you like it! Thanks for the post on Asa - real talented musician. I am sure there are many more out there - so let me know about new musical discoveries!

KreativeMix said...

Stellar Blog!! Fantastic!!!

Beauty said...

It is nice to discover beautiful Africa. May we link to your stories?

Szavanna said...

Beauty : happy you like our blog - you are welcome to link it!

Kreativemix : thanks so much for the comment!

Fa Sy said...

Szavanna and Ishtar,

Gret work. I love it, very inspirational stories. Keep it up :)

Szavanna said...

Hi Fasy! thanks for the comment - happy you like it! Let me know if you have a post for next month's edition - I will be putting it together!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog, and as a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, it makes me a bit "homesick."

That said, it has been a while and I'm finding myself stumped for what to give a friend who will be moving to Ivory Coast for work. Perhaps - and just in time for the holidays - you could create a list of "things to send loved ones in West Africa"?

Gerri said...

Africa truly is beautiful. I am from Zimbabwe and despite all that is going on there, it is still home. There is no place better than home.