Saturday, 17 January 2009

Beautiful Africa 11th edition - Last edition

Welcome to our last edition - our team is getting into new ventures - so we take a break from adding new posts to Beautiful Africa.

Thanks to all that contributed - we have had a great time gathering stories - and meeting great people along the way. We all continue writing Africa related posts on our blogs not to talk about all those that continue documenting life as they see it here in Africa. Blog culture is definitely here to stay and by now there is no end to the many sites and blogs that show a more honest and real picture from all corners of the continent. A big thank you once more to our regular contributors and everyone else that contributed with their posts and regular comments.

This last edition includes posts about Arusha, Timbuktu, the Eden field station in Niger, a fun song by Freshlyground, one of Kari's fantastic photos and last but not least Loomnie's short story.

Personal experiences

From Tauratinzwe here is When I first lived in Africa posted at Observations of Africa - "When first I lived in Africa, I lived about 20 kilometers outside Arusha, Tanzania at the foot of Mt. Meru. My house was among the student houses at the Chuo cha waBatisti cha Theologia cha Afrika ya Mashariki (the Baptist Theological Seminary of East Africa)."

Esther sent me the link to a great blog and I chose the latest post from there : The river to Timbuktu published at Camels from Timbuktu to Essakane.

"There's now a new 'road' through the desert, North off the tarmac on sandy tracks from Douentza to get to Timbuktu, finishing in a ferry to cross the wide Niger river."

Sights of Africa

From Esther's blog here is - Skywatch over Eden’s field station posted at - the photos speak for themselves - also check out Esther's other skywatch posts.

I chose one of the latest posts from Kari's blog The Harmattan is blowing in posted at "african dust is kicked up and blown west on the trade winds where it freezes in midair and falls on your tongue and mittens. "

Sounds of Africa

From Szavanna_blog here is a vibey song - Ma Cherie by Freshlyground.

Creative Writing

Loomnie presents The Lizard posted at "He had been watching his son since he started the game. The boy had been chasing a red-head lizard for about thirty minutes, and now he had finally got him. He held the wriggling lizard by the tail and went outside. Still holding him he came back into the parlour of their room and parlour apartment with a bowl and a forked stick. His father wondered what he was going to do with them but he did not ask him anything. He did not want to say anything."

This the last post for the carnival - at least for the time being - have fun and keep blogging!

many greetings,
from Szavanna and the rest of the team, Ishtar and Loomnie


Tauratinzwe said...

This isn't good news. How about some of the regular readers help out and keep this carnival alive. It's too good and important to die.

Szavanna said...

Hi there Tauratinzwe :) Thanks for your message - yes we might come up with a new plan - we need to chat to all in the team. Thanks so much for offering!!

Ishtar said...

@Szavanna - this was a lovely edition, probably my favourite so far!

@Tauratinzwe: That's a good idea - well thought thinking more of.

Szavanna said...

Hi Ishtar - thanks! :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

What a wonderful post!

The Upper Class Crow
Birdhouses, Birdfeeders, Birdbath

Zen said...

I always wonder about African cultures they are wonderful I think and my country too...He2x. By the way It's good visiting your blog :)

Glennis said...

Nice to see something of counties so far away that I am not likely to be ale to visit.

mkreider said...

Very lovely photography! It would be very nice if they would enlarge more.

bathmate said...

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Mervyn Brittan said...

nice pics. i hope it will be a memorable event

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